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Myrna's Closet Wear is an exclusive clothing store that features an alluring selection of garments for women for all occasions.  Since its induction in 2018, our company remains committed to providing high-end apparel for our clientele at feasible prices while creating a unique shopping experience for each one of our customers.


The conception of this venture was inspired by its Founder, Myrna Bromley who is a passionate Ballroom Dance competitor.  One day someone asked about her future plans with the collection of ballroom dresses she no longer wears, in hopes to purchase one from her at a reduced cost. Myrna then immediately envisioned the launch of a venue that gives women access to luxury dresses and other exclusive designer brands without having to pay for the high-price tag. Her innovative idea was successfully executed and since, the company has merged new styles and sizes to its stunning inventory to be able to offer something to everyone for  everyday wear, and for any occasion.


Myrna Bromely, President 


Myrna's Closet Wear's vision is to establish a well-rooted legacy that inspires women to accept and enhance their self-image, and enrich their confidence. Because confident women are most likely to create a better future for themselves,  their families,  and their communities.


Our mission is to encourage women to embrace, love and celebrate their bodies, just as they are, and live confidently as we help them look their best while doing so.

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